EV Charging Station In India

We are a leading EV charging station manufacturer in India, enabling next-generation mobility by providing cutting-edge EV charging solutions to make e-mobility a reality. By offering clever and revolutionary EV charging infrastructure solutions for-

  • Enhanced energy efficiency and charging.
  • Powerful software in an accessible system.

Our EV Products

AmpVolts offers you a wide range of products that comprises numerous types of AC & DC chargers.

Type 2 AC Dual Gun Wall Mount

Type 2 AC Dual Gun

Bharat AC 001

Hybrid AC Charger

Our EV Charging Services and Solutions

AmpVolts works with a team of industry experts and is built on the “Three Fs” – Feasibility, Facility Management, and Finance– our three divisions. All our division focus on providing a seamless experience to our end-users as well as investors and ensuring their higher participation in the EV charging business.

EV chargers for public usage require high voltage electricity supply and are thus accompanied by various regulations to make sure that safety procedures have been implemented. While there is no need to get a license to set up an EV public charging station, some procedure still needs to be followed for a smoother roll of your business.

AmpVolts feasibility division ensures that this process is not a hurdle and provides you with the following services.

AmpVolts makes sure that once your public EV charging station is up and running, you face negligible downtime to ensure faster ROI.

This is achieved with following solutions:

  • AMC
  • Online JIT Breakdown Support: Identifying issues from withing the Machine and solving it remotely

EVs are the next big thing for the current decade. For its maximum adoption in the market, the required charging infrastructure is inevitable.

To make sure that more people can join this EV revolution (for personal use and for commercial use), we have partnered with several NBFCs to get the required finance for our products.

Our team would make sure to handle all the documentation and other requirements and provide finance through its partners wherever possible.


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