About Quest Softech

About Quest Softech

Quest Softech is a nimble start-up with progressive thinking. We believe in going green and are engaged in providing green power generation, indigenous EV charging, and related infrastructure and services to the nation.

We sense market requirements and bring optimum technology solutions to society. EV chargers are the need of the hour and Quest Softech is in the process to make sure you could buy your next EV without any “range anxiety”.

Quest Softech works with a team of industry experts and is built on the “Three Fs” – Feasibility, Facility Management, and Finance- our three divisions. All our division focus on providing a seamless experience to our end-users as well as investors and ensuring their higher participation in the EV charging business.

Our vision is to move to a green ecosystem by reducing our carbon footprint. To achieve this, we are working round the clock for faster EV system adoptions with our future plans to provide backward integration- from clean power production till consumption in the field of Electric Vehicle charging space.

Quest Softech is an affiliate of VerdeMobility (a subsidiary of SLS Group Co.), functioning as their extended sales and service arm. VerdeMobility is the pioneer of smart charging solutions and has created a range of innovative and affordable EV chargers.

We ensure that you can easily purchase and use these superior-quality EV chargers. Quest Softech handles all external focus activities, right from feasibility study to after-sales services, so that you can boost your business while helping the environment in a seamless manner.

To know more about VerdeMobility, click on the link that follows- https://www.verdemobility.com

Quest Softech is also the aggregator of the largest, sole carbon registry in India. We provide end-to-end services and help you earn extra atop the regular profits. We are with you from the first step till the very last step when it comes to earning carbon credits. To know more about carbon credits, head over to our page on our Carbon Credit Program.