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Facility Management: EV Charging Station


For your EV charging station, Quest Softech (India) Ltd. provides facilities management services. Once your public charging station is operational, we make sure that you, the station owner or the end user, have a seamless experience.

Software Solution- Full backend assistance to assist you in tracking, in real time, everything from the number of vehicles charged at your charging station in a specific time frame to the quantity of charging and electricity utilized for charging.

Payment Gateway- Consumers can use the payment gateway to make purchases using their credit cards, debit cards, wallets, UPIs, and other methods.

Online Just-in-Time (JIT) Breakdown Support- locating problems with the machine and remotely resolving them.

Onsite support- Our crew will arrive at the location as quickly as possible if the problem cannot be fixed remotely.

Annual Maintenance Contract- For smooth, effective operation, the charging station is operated and maintained by trained staff.

We will continue to offer the tools and knowledge required to adopt electric mobility, along with all the assistance needed to keep customers content and vehicles moving, as charging demands change.