Type 2 AC Single Gun Charger



Ksipra AC 7S

We offer the latest generation Type 2 AC single gun chargers, that are compact, fully integrated, and very easy to use. They are unmanned and have an open network of smart charging solutions, which assist in proactive maintenance.

Our single gun charger has the power output of 7.4 kW, 11 kW, or 22 kW. Its 5-meter-long cable allows you to charge your car, bus, etc. in a very convenient manner.

  • Output- 1 X 7.4kW Type 2 AC
  • Input- 1-phase 240VAC/3-phase 415VAC
  • OCPP & Communication- OCPP 1.6J over GSM/ETH/WiFi
  • Authentication- OTP/App/RFID
  • Display- 4.3″ Interactive LCD
  • Dimensions (in mm)- 405*191*320 (L*B*H)