Type 2 Dual Gun AC Charger



Ksipra AC 15 D

Cars, buses, and other cargo vehicles are all charged with type 2 AC chargers. You can simultaneously charge two vehicles thanks to the twin guns’ output range of 7.4 kW to 22 kW.

We provide Type 2 AC chargers of the newest generation that are small, completely integrated, have an open network of smart charging solutions, and help with preventative maintenance.

Our floor-mount AC charger works well in large, open areas with lots of foot traffic. Moreover, this model is the first EV charging station with Sigfox capability that was developed and produced in India.

  • Outputs- 2 X 7.4kW Type 2 AC
  • Input- 3-phase 415VAC
  • OCPP & Communication- OCPP 1.6J over GSM/ETH/WiFi
  • Authentication- OTP/App/RFID
  • Display- 4.3″ Interactive LCD
  • Dimensions (in mm)- 400*267*1672 (L*B*H)
  • IP 54 Rating
  • ARAI Compliant