Type 2 AC Dual Gun Wall Mount Charger



Ksipra AC 15 D

If you have limited floor space and need to charge two EVs at the same time, our Type 2 AC Dual Gun Wall Mount Charger is ideal.

We provide the most recent generation Type 2 AC chargers, which are small, fully integrated, and unmanned. They have a network of open smart charging solutions that help with proactive maintenance.

Our wall mount charger allows you to simultaneously charge two vehicles and has a power output range of 7.4 kW to 22 kW, making it the perfect choice for high traffic areas like restaurants, hospitals, business parks, etc. It is suitable for charging cars, buses, trucks, and other similar vehicles due to its power output.

  • Outputs- 2 X 7.4kW Type 2 AC
  • Insput- 3-phase 415VAC
  • OCPP & Communication- OCPP 1.6J over GSM/ETH/WiFi
  • Authentication- OTP/App/RFID
  • Display- 4.3″ Interactive LCD
  • Dimensions (in mm)- 320*191*408 (L*B*H)