Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies: EV Charging Station

Electric vehicles have various charging methods, depending on whether they are passenger cars or commercial trucks. If societies, businesses, corporations, or fleet owners wanted to set up an EV charging station for domestic, commercial, institutional, or industrial usage, they would need to use the power that was either provided by the electricity board or by solar, wind, hydro, etc. As a result, the owner of the charging station would be required to adhere to a number of rules and safety guidelines established by the relevant authorities.

Although installing an EV public charging station does not require a license, there are still some steps that must be taken to ensure a smooth launch of your enterprise.

The feasibility unit of Quest Softech Ltd makes sure that your charging station is prepared to work by offering you the following services.

Feasibility Study Types

  • Location Study
  • Infrastructure Study
  • Charger Recommendation