What Inspired Us?

Our Inspiration Behind Electric Vehicle Chargers

Buying an electric vehicle is the first step towards a greener Earth. But how?

Rising levels of pollution have been frequently making headlines for a while now. If we really look around, everything in our surrounding either contributes to pollution, or has been affected by pollution in some way or the other.

The food we eat and the water we drink are laden with harmful chemicals. Even the air we breathe is contaminated by a slew of harmful gases. But what is the root cause of all of this? The answer is fossil fuels. Today, practically everything runs on fossil fuels. Every industry requires petrochemicals to manufacture any item, ranging from small pins to heavy cargo vehicles.

With roughly 1.446 billion cars on the road as of now, air pollution has been increasing at an exponential rate. After a lot of brainstorming, we realised that the only way to salvage the situation is to switch to green, sustainable means of mobility.

Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions. As a result, their usage drastically reduces pollution and improves the air quality. Therefore, we decided to become the agents of change.

We paired up with VerdeMobility, the pioneers of Made-in-India electric vehicle chargers so that we can provide reliable, high-quality EV chargers to everyone. We proudly claim that our chargers are made from scratch in India. They are sturdy, durable, and are designed to withstand all Indian climates.

As of now, using electric vehicles causes indirect pollution because fossil fuels are used to generate electricity. However, our aim is to go completely green and use renewable resources such as solar power or wind power to generate electricity for charging EVs, and we are striving to turn that into a reality.