Home Charger



Each vehicle has its own charger, which is almost certainly a house charger. Nevertheless, is it effective enough? In addition, is it safe enough to be outside your home?

At that point, our home charger (Ksipra AC Home) kicks in. We have thoroughly tested our home charger and included enough safety features so you can rest easy while your EV is charging.

Due to its modest size and convenience, the Ksipra AC Home is the perfect charger to place in a confined area. You can charge your EV even if your home does not have a 3-Phase connection because our charger simply needs a Single-Phase connection.

Since it is a home charger, both the cable and the socket versions are offered.

  • Output- 7.4kW Type 2 AC
  • Input- 1-Phase 240VAC
  • OCPP & Communication- OCPP 1.6J over ETH/WiFi/GSM
  • Authentication- OTP/App/RFID
  • Display- 4.3” Interactive LCD
  • Dimensions (in mm)- 326*240*136 (L*B*H)
  • Compliant with IEC 61851 Standard