EV vs. ICE

EV vs. ICE

With growing awareness of how carbon emissions are destroying the Earth, many people have switched to using electric vehicles (EVs). However, many are still sceptical, mainly because they do not know the advantages that come with owning an EV. So why make the shift? Well, here’s why.

  1. Environmental-friendly- An obvious and a very important factor for switching to EVs is that they are far better for the environment than internal combustion engines (ICEs). ICEs use fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. On the other hand, EVs have zero tailpipe emissions. The usage of EVs in every sector would drastically reduce the problem of air pollution. Some might argue about the emissions from power plants that generate electricity. That issue can be addressed by switching to renewable resources of energy for generating electricity, such as solar, wind, and hydro energy, making EVs truly green!
  1. Lower Running Cost- Nowadays, people have to spend a considerable chunk of their salary on daily transport. EVs have a lower running cost compared to ICEs. Considering the ever-rising prices of petrol and diesel, electricity is significantly easier on people’s pockets. It’s additionally cost-effective and also eco-friendly if you use a “true green” source of energy such as solar, wind, or hydro power.
  2. Lower Maintenance Cost- If you own an EV, your maintenance bill would considerably lower than those you had when you owned an ICE. This is due to the number of moving parts. An ICE has 150 moving parts and 24 wearing parts. In contrast, an EV has 24 moving parts and 11 wearing parts. So, the very fact that an EV has fewer moving parts drastically reduces your maintenance bill. Additionally, lesser moving parts directly corelates to lesser wear-and-tear, which might lead to a higher resale value of an EV than its ICE counterpart.
  3. Tax Rebates & Other Incentives- Governments from all over the world are actively encouraging the switch to EVs, and hence provide a number of benefits to EV buyers. You can get direct discounts, coupons, interest subvention, road tax exemption, registration fee exemption, income tax benefits, and even scrapping benefits for older ICEs. In fact, the Government of India has put 5% GST on EVs, while the GST on ICEs is 28%. Other incentives include interest-free loans, top-up subsidies, and other special incentives for 3-wheelers.
  4. Cost-effective in the Longer Run- The capital expense or the purchasing price of an EV is currently higher than an ICE. However, the operational/running cost is much lower because you do not have to pay for petrol or diesel, and your maintenance bills are also lower. Furthermore, the incentives provided by the government make it easier to purchase and maintain an EV because you save at many other places.
  5. ZERO Noise Pollution- It is a well-known fact that exposure to loud noises over a prolonged period will damage your hearing. Although ICEs are put in the market only after receiving an approval from the Pollution Control Board, they still generate a good deal of noise. EVs are practically noiseless, so driving them is very easy on your ears. In fact, the only noise you can hear is made by the tyres or by wind resistance when the EV is moving at a higher speed. So now you can go green along with preserving your ear health.
  6. More Energy Efficient- EVs are far more energy efficient than ICEs. An ICE has the tank-to-wheel efficiency of 25%, with the remaining 75% being lost due to heat and friction. On the other hand, an EV has a battery-to-wheel efficiency of 80-90% because EVs are gearless. Furthermore, EVs, especially Hybrid EVs use the concept of regenerative braking. The energy caused by braking is usually wasted. Regenerative braking traps that energy, converts it to electricity, and then stores it in the battery for further usage.

The gear-shifting in cars is the main cause of a low tank-to-wheel efficiency in ICEs. EVs also use less energy in the stop-and-go traffic in cities. The absence of gear-shifting also makes it very easy and stress-free to drive an EV.

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