The Benefits of Owning an EV Charging Station

The Benefits of Owning an EV Charging Station

Having an EV charging station in your premises is useful in many ways and drastically boosts your business. Apart from being a secondary source of revenue generation, a charging station also helps in cost-cutting.

The Hospitality Sector:-

The hospitality sector, especially restaurants, thrive irrespective of the economic condition. People spend a minimum of 2 hours if they go to a café, restaurant, multiplex, or mall. This would give them ample time to charge their electric vehicle.

Installing an EV charging station at your facility would attract more customers. The very presence of a charging point near your facility will put your enterprise on the map of EV charging apps and draw more people to your business. So, while they wait for their vehicle to be charged, they might sit at your café or restaurants for refreshments, or go to your shop/mall for shopping, in turn helping in your business.

The chargers would also be beneficial for your employees who use EVs. Providing a charging point would help your finances because you’d have to pay lesser to your employees for the conveyance. Additionally, being a sustainable and an eco-friendly business would also make you eligible for numerous benefits.


The Healthcare Sector:-

Healthcare organizations are dedicated to public wellbeing and a part of that is to contribute to a better environment. The healthcare sector is often the first to adopt the best employer practices, and by providing a charging station at your premises, you would be helping the hospital staff, along with the patients, their relatives, and other visitors.

Any hospital visit easily takes up an hour, if not more. The availability of charging points would provide relief to all EV owners, because they would be able to charge their vehicle without any problem.

Apart from being an additional income to the hospital, the charging station would aid your healthcare organization in cutting costs on many fronts. You’d have to pay lesser conveyance fees to your employees and if your ambulances are EVs as well, it would save you a lot of money on fuel and maintenance. Additionally, the emergency systems required in an ambulance would run easily on the battery in the EV.

Furthermore, you’d be contributing to a cleaner environment, while showing care for the employees, patients, and visitors, by providing better air quality. Being an environmental-friendly organization would give your hospital economic benefits and also more recognition.

The Education Sector:-

The education sector is the hub of progressive thinking and innovation, where young, impressionable minds that are hungry for knowledge, gather in large numbers. Therefore, it is essential for colleges and universities to do everything in their power to promote an eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Offering EV charging points will be of great convenience to your students, staff, admin, and visitors. They can charge their EV while attending classes or taking a tour of the campus. Those are the same students who would later on purchase EVs instead of ICEs, resulting in lesser pollution and better environment overall.

Additionally, installing an EV charging station would further the cause of a greener environment and also pave way for research for sustainable and innovative mobility options.


Corporate Parks:-

Corporate parks or any professional space can drastically spearhead the EV revolution by installing electric vehicle chargers in their premises. Besides contributing to the betterment of the environment, companies would drastically cut down on conveyance allowance given to the employees, keeping in mind that the prices of petrol and diesel have skyrocketed of late, whereas electricity is significantly cheaper. Furthermore, the Government of India provides electricity at a subsidized rate if you have installed an EV meter.

Business complexes can also add EV charging as an add-on service, which will increase the sales and revenue of complex. EV charging can become further cost-effective if the corporate park uses a renewable resource of energy, such as solar, wind, biogas, etc.


Townships & Housing Societies:-

Real estate is a rapidly-evolving field, with every builder going above and beyond to provide the best facilities and amenities to the residents. By adding the facility of EV charging, the sales and revenue of the township, apartment, or housing society would drastically increase. Additionally, your enterprise would gain more recognition for going green and also be able to avail benefits from the government.

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